STX STEREO Straight Cable to Intercom (Select Length)


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Connect your STX STEREO wired helmet kit or headset directly to your STX Stereo Intercom!

The ultimate choice for the audiophile, this straight intercom cable features heavy duty triple shielding and delivers high fidelity true stereo sound from your STX Intercom to your STX Stereo helmet kit or headsets. Available in a variety of lengths, this straight cord plugs into your Stereo Intercom and gives you a female STX STEREO nexus jack.


  • STX STEREO Nexus Plug
  • Total Shield RF blocking
  • High-bend test straight cable
  • 12' lengths are commonly used for FRONT seat passengers
  • 16' lengths are commonly used for REAR seat passengers

 Compatibility: Works with Rugged Radios STX STEREO High Fidelity Intercom, Rugged STX STEREO helmet kits and headsets, and other stereo intercoms, helmet kits, and headsets like PCI Trax.