Rocker Switch Variable Speed Controller (VSC) for MAC Helmet Air Pumper - Switch Upgrade Only


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Upgrade your existing Variable Speed Controller and conveniently install it in your Rocker Switch panel! 

NOTE: Requires wiring from existing Variable Speed Controller (VSC). For customers with a pumper adding a VSC for the first time, click here.

Our Rocker Switch Upgrade is a direct replacement to your existing VSC for the MAC Helmet Air Pumpers – giving you quick, easy access to your pumper controls without taking up valuable dash space. This rocker switch acts as both the on/off switch and power control for the pumper speed. 

This is the must-have upgrade for customers already using our VSC. 

Compatibility: Fits MAC Air, MAC-1X, or MAC3.2 Pumper Systems already wired for a Variable Speed Controller. Requires use of the existing wiring from our legacy VSC. Switch fits in most standard rocker switch panel holes measuring .830" x 1.45" (21.08mm x 36.83mm)


  • Rocker Switch Upgrade for Variable Speed Controller with integrated waterproof 8" Power Lead and 8" Pumper Lead wiring and plugs.