V3 / RH5R Long Range Upgrade Kit - XL Battery, Go Further Antenna & Radio Bag


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Boost battery life by double, protect your radio, and enjoy extended range with this upgrade package. Includes handheld radio bag, extended range ducky antenna, and 3800 mAh battery pack. Compatible with the Rugged Radios V3 and RH-5R handheld radio. Radio not included.


The easy to mount radio bag holds your handheld radio securely in place. Ballistic nylon padded construction absorbs vibration and shock protects the radio from abuse.

With this antenna you increase your transmit distance, maximizing the range and performance of your handheld radio.

Double the battery life of the standard battery. It's the perfect compliment to your RH-5R as a spare, backup, or race events where extended battery life is critical. The BAT-RH5R is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack.


  • Handheld Radio Bag
  • Dual Band Ducky Antenna
  • 3800mAh High Capacity Battery