2-Wire Lapel Mic with Acoustic Ear Tube for Rugged Handheld Radios


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The Patrol 2-Wire Lapel Kit was specifically developed to provide the best audio performance and durability use after use. Perfect for job sites, construction, police, security guards, safety and civil occupations. The included case provides easy storage to protect your equipment and maintain sanitary conditions. No more jumbled cables in your bag!


  • Rugged fiber braided cable
  • Works with V3, R1, RDH16, RH5R, ABH7
  • Quick disconnect radio plug
  • Comfort-Fit semi custom ear piece
  • Noise reflecting microphone
  • Loud and clear audio speaker

Compatible with Rugged Radios 2-Pin connector handheld radios and most Kenwood handhelds with 2-Pin connector.