OFFROAD 12' RACE SERIES Straight Cable to Intercom Driver and Co-Driver


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Purpose-built from the ground up for racing.

The ultimate choice for offroad racing, this specialty driver and co-driver intercom cable kit features heavy-duty triple shielding and fiber-weave jacketing. Intercom cables represent the vital connection from your Rugged helmet kit to your intercom, and these race cables are engineered to withstand the abuses of racing and maintaining an offroad race vehicle. 

• Heavy duty triple shielding
• Fiber-weave jacketing
• Driver and Co-Driver labeling on 5-Pin jacks
• Driver and Co-Driver labeling on NEXUS jack
• 12' cable length
• Packaged with Driver and Co-Driver cables

From the deserts, to the trails, to Baja and beyond, this Race Kit intercom cabling is ready to work hard and perform under the harshest conditions.