BUNDLE - Long Range Upgrade for Rugged V3 , RH5R Handheld Radios - Long Range Antenna and XL Battery


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Take your V3 or RH5R handheld to a whole new level with the Go Further Bundle! Double your battery life, extend your range by 30%.

The long-range dual-band ducky antenna increases your transmit distance by 30% - maximizing the performance of your handheld radio!

High capacity 3800mAh battery for Rugged Radios V3 and RH-5R handheld radios provides double the battery life of the standard battery. It's the perfect compliment to your radio as a spare, backup, or for race events where extended battery life is critical. 


  • Dual Band Ducky Antenna
  • High Capacity Battery (3800mAh)


Compatible with the Rugged Radios V3 and RH-5R handheld radio. 

Will not work with the  Rugged Radios R1Radio not included.