Jack Box Headset Station with PTT for RRP800 Fire & Safety Intercom System


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Rugged Quick Lock™ Engineer jack box with single Firecom 5-pin jack, dual radio A/B switch with waterproof push to talk, and easy install daisy chain in and out connectors for adding additional positions or pump panels.


  • Engineer Firecom 5-pin jack
  • Waterproof push to talk
  • Dual radio A/B transmit switch
  • Quick Lock™ locking connections
  • Aluminum extrusion construction
  • Quick Lock™ jack for pump panels
  • Built in mounting base
  • Daisy chain using In and Out 6-pin jacks


Rugged Quick Lock™ jack boxes provide fast reliable installation that is easily configured and expanded from 2 positions to 6 positions and to pump panels. Rugged eliminates timely soldering and RF interference when using our 6, 10, or 15 ft.  Quick Lock™ pre assembled cables.