Business Band Handheld Radio and 6-Pack Bank Charger Bundle


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The ultimate radio bundle! Six Business Band handheld radios and one bank charger keep your radios organized and fully charged. The Rugged Radios bank charger provides easy and convenient radio management in a 6-pack design, offering a central location to charge up to 6 radios simultaneously. 

No more hassling with multiple charging cradles and charging adapters.

Individual indicator lights in front each charging slot makes it easy to see which radios are charging or fully charged.

Already have the radios and just need a bank charger? Click here for bank chargers.

• Red light indicates the radio is charging
• Green light means the radio is fully charged
• Dimensions L: 11" x W: 8 5/8" x H: 2 1/2"

• The V3 handheld bundle includes the extended life battery which is required for bank chargers.