Magnetic Mount Dual Band Antenna for Rugged Handheld Radios V3 and RH-5R


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Note: Please visit the DB-RH-MAG page for the newest version of this antenna. 

Significantly increase your range, and maximize the performance of your handheld radio by relocating the antenna outside of your vehicle.

To use, simply place the powerful magnetic antenna base onto a large metal surface, like the roof of your vehicle. Then, secure either of the included BNC connector onto your handheld radio. Finally attach to the antenna cable — and you're ready to transmit further than ever.


  • Cable Length: 9.5 feet
  • Antenna Height: 15.35 inches
  • 1.5" diameter base 
  • Dual band VHF / UHF


The included long range, magnetic mount, Dual Band (VHF and UHF) antenna is purpose-built for the Rugged Radios RH-5R & V3 Handheld Radio.