Desert Devil, Off Road Helmet System


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The Desert Devil Off Road Helmet System includes our popular Devil Ray Snell SA 2015 rated helmet, equipped with an offset top air pipe and off road communication kit. Pop the helmet out of the box and you are ready to go riding. 


The off road communications kit comes with a 3.5mm headphone connection that can be plugged into your mobile phone for music using an auxiliary cord easily purchased from your favorite electronics store. The offset top air pipe gives extra head clearance in the vehicle. 


•             Light-weight shell construction; Snell SA 2015 Rated

•             Includes off-set top air (left side only)

•             Includes off-road communication kit with flex boom and water resistant connections

•             Includes integrated speakers

•             Removable cheek pads 

•             Offered in 3 colors: Black, White, and Carbon fiber