The Driver - NASCAR 3C Racing Kit with Rugged R1 Handheld Radio


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This custom single seat NASCAR package from Rugged Radios combines everything you need for a single driver with a Rugged R1 handheld radio, helmet kit, push to talk, and more!

This Rugged Radios kit delivers clear and reliable driver communications.

Kit Includes:
• Rugged Radios R1 Handheld Radio
• NASCAR 3-Conductor Nexus Car Harness
• Rugged and Kenwood Handheld Radio Jumper to Harness
• Velcro Mount Steering Wheel Push to Talk (PTT)
• AlphaBud Mono Ear Buds
• NASCAR Helmet Kit with Flex Boom
• Aluminum Handheld Radio Box with Universal Mounting


This radio works with all VHF/UHF business band radios operating on the same frequencies. Radio models include, but are not limited to: RDM-DB, M1, RDH-X, R1, V3, RM60, RH5R, RDH16, as well as Icom, Motorola, Kenwood business band radios, and more.

Business License is required. Click here to learn more.