Clamp On RF Noise Reducing Filter Choke Clip


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Eliminate audible interference caused by high frequency radio waves (RFI) by using this ferrite radio frequency noise reducer.

Compatible with most cables.

How to Use

The ferrite material inside of the clamp acts as a miniature noise filter. If you hear pops, or other unexpected noises through your headset or audio equipment while using your radio, we suggest using these clamps. Simply clamp on the RF Noise Reducer to any of your cables. We suggest you use two on each cable, approximately 3 inches away from each end.

Suggested For

  • Radio & Intercom Power Cables (Ground [BLACK] or Live [RED] Wires)
  • Speaker Wires
  • Mic Cables
  • Headset Cables

Small: 3mm and under.

Large: Up to 5mm.