Center Console Radio Mount for Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Ram TRX Trucks


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Introducing the Rugged Center Console Radio Mount! Discreetly and securely mount your 2-way radio out of the way, and still accessible for all your on and offroad adventures. Mount includes two Rocker Switch holes for switches and accessories.

Simply hang the mount in the console, run the radio wiring, and connect the power. Quick and easy installation – no drilling required!

Key Features:

  • Universal mobile radio mount
  • Discreetly and securely mounts in center console
  • Two Rocker Switch holes
  • Black light-textured powder-coating
  • No drilling or cutting required
Vehicle Compatibility:
  • Ram TRX
  • Raptors Gen 1, 2, 3
  • Ford F150
  • Ford F250
  • Ford F350
  • Ford F450
  • Chevy Silverado
  • GMC Sierra
  • Most vehicles that have bucket seats and a 12.5" file size center console hanger.


  • Center Console Mount
  • Inner Mount for Radio, Choose:
    • MT-IDM-RM60 for M1 / G1 / RM60 / GMR45
    • MT-IDM-RDM for RDM-DB
    • MT-IDM-ICOM for Icom F5021
    • MT-IDM-KEN for Kenwood TK730
  • Mount Hardware

Radio Compatibility: M1, G1, RM45, RM60, GMR45, RDM-DB, Icom F5021, and Kenwood TK7360.