Car Harness OFFROAD with 2-Pin Rugged Handheld Radio Connector


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Developed for OFFROAD, the harness connects the radio, PTT, and helmet cables for the easiest install ever. This 2-Pin harness connects directly to Rugged Handheld Radios eliminating the need for an additional jumper cable.

Perfect for racing and recreation.

Universal OFFROAD communication 9' harness with helmet jack, 3' push to talk lead, and 18" radio lead. Use with 4-Conductor (4C) OFFROAD wired helmet jack . Rugged car harnesses with Total Shield are tough and provide durable and reliable performance.

  • OFFROAD style helmet jack
  • Tough high bend test wire
  • Standard 3-pin push to talk jack
  • Molded Y block
  • Total Shield RF blocking

Use with the following Rugged Products:

Helmet Kit